Poker Bankroll Management Basics

Being a successful cash game poker player requires a great amount of attributes. Understanding the game of poker is only one of these, and there are many factors beyond the cards that can attribute to your success. Bankroll management is one of the most important things to any player, and is often exercised very poorly. The swing that you can take in a cash game can be strenuous, and having the bankroll to handle them is crucial.

If you are playing No Limit Hold Em cash games, you are going to want to be able to play a decent variety of hands, such as suited aces, and smaller pairs for a raise. You want to You want to be able to maximize profits from these hands when you hit, and need to have the right bankroll to be able to do so. Without having the right bankroll, you are going to be forced into playing very tight and only playing premium hands. Playing with scared money is never a profitable venture. No Limit Hold Em is a game of fearless aggression, not scared play. With this style of play, if you are not getting the cards, then you are not going to experience any kind of profit. Having the right bankroll lets you play more hands, and profit a lot more over all because of it.

When you are getting ready to enter the world of no limit cash game poker, it is all about the amount of buy-ins you have relative to the game in which you are going to be playing. At the bare minimum, you are going to want to have 10 buy-ins for the level that you are playing. Most veteran poker players will tell you the to be comfortable at all, you need to have at least thirty buy ins. That means if you are playing .25/.50, with a $50 max buy in, you want to have $500 minimum, and preferably around $1500 to play with. This rule does differ for the hobbyist however, as many players will deposit what they can lose without issue, and then just simply re-deposit if they lose it.

If you are going to be playing limit poker, than your bankroll will be relative to how many big blinds that you have. For a comfortable limit bankroll, you want to have from two hundred to three hundred big blinds available to you. If you are playing limit poker, the swings that your bankroll takes will not be nearly as drastic. You will see more small short term swings, but less over all variance. Limit takes a lot of patience, and the trade off for not being as volatile is playing more hours to win the same amount as if you were playing No Limit.

Having a good bankroll, and exercising good bankroll management will help keep you off of tilt, and the rough patches of running bad will not effect you as much. Not having to worry about another buy-in being there can really help you play your best poker.

Every player has a different financial situation, and you obviously need to be doing what is best for you in terms of your bankroll. Just remember, do not ever sit at a level that you are not one hundred percent comfortable playing. In poker, you always want to bring your A game.